The landmark city of Laikovo

Flats from 2.4 mln rubles
12 km by Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway, Odintsovo district

62 buildings

111 townhouses

Over 800,000 m2

5 blocks

20 rare formats

2 hectares of park
with a man-made lake

Housing of new generation

A brand-new city designed and built in line with contemporary concepts of a fascinating, fulfilling life in the 21st century.

Luxury architecture by Maxim Atayants

Your life will unfold in the midst of splendid architectural landscapes created by Maxim Atayants. The neighborhood offers an impressive array of recreation facilities: a park for the locals, a few hectares of terraced gardens, a bustling pedestrian shopping street jam-packed with cafes and restaurants, and an island all to yourself.


12 km from Moscow Ring Road by Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway, Odintsovo district.

Laikovo is located in the high-end Rublyovka district that benefits from a favorable wind rose and excellent transport accessibility. There are 2 railway stations and 4 highways: Rublevo-Uspenskoye, Mozhayskoye, Iliinskoye, and Northern Odintsovo bypass with an exit just 500 m from Laikovo.

Convenient transport access

by car
5 min

to Moscow Ring Road by Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway

by bus
15 min

to Slavyansky Bulvar metro station by Northern Odintsovo bypass

by suburban train
20 min

from Odintsovo station to Kuntsevskaya metro station

Affordable flats

Diversity of design solutions: from 20 to 120 m2:

One-room flat

from 2.62mln rubles.

One-bedroom flat

from 2.48mln rubles.

Two-bedroom flat

from 4.7mln rubles.

Three-bedroom flat

from 5.53mln rubles.

Exclusive discounts and promotions

before 31.10

Free terraced garden

before 31.10

Mortgage at 7.4%

Fixed rate throughout the credit period

before 31.10

Time is money

A one-off opportunity to buy a flat at a discount!

before 31.10

We are doubling maternity capital.

before 31.10

Instalment plan from VTB24 Leasing.

A special offer for private entities.

before 31.10

Military mortgage

Discount 12% discount for military men.

Unconventional solutions

Along with 70 layout options, we offer unconventional flat designs that used to be available only in luxury real estate. Opt for your dream flat!
French windows; duplex flats; bathroom window; highflat; cityhouse; private entrance; home office; ecoloft.

French windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows, spectacular views from 2,67 mln rubles.

Duplex flats

Ceiling 5.77 m high and huge windows from 4,7 mln rubles.


A stunning view of the surroundings from 6,7 mln rubles.

Bathroom window

Fresh air and natural light from 6,33 mln rubles.


Business class flats with ceiling 3.2 m high from 2,5 mln rubles.


Terrace on the ground floor from 3,17 mln rubles.

Private entrance

Private entrance from the street

Home office

Two entrances to the flat


French windows and ceiling 3.6 m high from  2,79 mln rubles.

Multi-level diversity

Which building class resonates with you – Classic or Superсomfort, with luxurious fit-out or enclosed area? Figure out your perfect solution.


Handsome, affordable, one-off housing. Classic buildings with premium architecture constructed by Urban Group. from  1,7 mln rubles.

Smart Сlassic

Equivalent to Classic buildings, yet fully furnished for you to enjoy peace and quiet the moment you move in.


Elegance of exquisite design. Light-flooded spacious flats. Beautiful car-free courtyards. A setting for enjoyable lives.

New Business

Enclosed area with electronic access system. Exceptional landscape design from  3,50 mln rubles.

Great infrastructure

Along with the essentials, such as kindergartens, a school, a polyclinic, a fire department, an ambulance, and shops, Laikovo boasts an array of exciting locations on a par with those in downtown Moscow: cafes, a farmer market, restaurants.

Become part of Laikovo elite ecosystem!

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